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AM Routine

I am on vacation at the beach, but just wanted to go over my morning skincare routine really quickly. So overview. I have a cleanser right now. I'm using the Obagi Nu derm and a toner. I'm basically using these because I don't really have any skin concerns and not breaking out currently. After we cleanse, tone, we want to use our Vitamin C serum. I have the Obagi 20% because I'm more on the oily side. I started at 15% and then worked my way up to 20%. After that we had an eye cream. I'm currently trying out this Beauty Counter one. I think you have to use things for about three months before you can form a true opinion on it. So that is what I'm currently using. Then I have my moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid in it and then you have the tinted moisturizer. 

I'm trying out revision skincare. It has an SPF 45 and it's tinted. It has titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and also a chemical SPF ingredient in it. I'm trying this out because my cousin recommended it. So again, the eye cream and the tinted moisturizer I'm currently forming opinions on and then this is my favorite Chapstick. It's Palmer's cocoa butter. I like to use it at night and in the morning. I'm just going to go through it really quickly and show you what I do.  

So, a lot of getting ready in the morning and the routine of it is just kind of interacting with your skin and getting the blood and juices flowing. There have been times where I didn't even wash my face in the morning. I just used Witch Hazel and a cotton pad. But I think as I get older, after having a baby and having dehydrated skin, I now see that part of washing your face is just to get you awake, like ready for the day, especially when it's earlier than you would like to be up.  

Secondly, I have a toner and I am basically using this one just because it is going to help my vitamin C serum and my other products. Toners can be something that you use if you're having breakouts. You're going to see a lot of toners that have glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid.  These can be over drying if you're not a really oily or not having breakouts. Sometimes it's good just to use those where you are oily and where you are breaking out. So this (Obagi Nu-Derm) is just a good general toner. So I just put it on my palm and rub it in. I skip the cotton ball step because I think you just waste a lot of toner in it.

Now we have the Vitamin C serum.  So you need about five to seven drops. One, two, three, four, five. I used to put this directly on my face and then it was dropping all over the floor and on my clothes. So now I rub it in my hands and you just rub it in. You want to do your neck and if you can get it on your chest as well. And I'll always put extra on the back of my hands. 

Next we have an eye cream. We take a little bit; I usually will start on my ring finger and dab it here. You want to do your upper eyelids and lower eyelids. So my opinion on eye creams is that you want it to be very creamy. I think it has a lot more to do with just the act of massaging your eye and your skin. You need the moisture, but this motion also really helps get the blood flowing and can help with the dark circles in itself. I'm still trying to decide if I think that the ingredients in the eye cream are as important as just the texture of it. Definitely a good place to have some hyaluronic acid. A lot of them are going to have caffeine in them. Again, like I said, still kind of figuring that out. 

So next we have moisturizer. You all know that I love the Neutrogena hydro boost. And one of the reasons is that the texture is kind of like a primer. You just rub it in, I think this is a good moisturizer to start, whether you have oily skin or dry skin. It actually helps blur pores because of the dimethicone in it, which is what makes it a good primer. I'm all about starting cheap, so it's like $20. And if you just need a moisturizer and you want to add hyaluronic acid in, I would start here and then based off your skin type and your skincare needs, then you can try some, some other moisturizers. In general, I don't think that you should spend your money on cleansers and moisturizers, I think you need to spend your money on the Vitamin C serum.  Possibly the eye cream and the tinted moisturizer. 

So next, we have the tinted moisturizer, again using Revision skincare right now, so we just rub it in. I always try to make sure that I get my temples and cheeks because honestly, if you think about the way the bone structure is in our face, that's what it hits. That's what's going to get most of the sun. Also the nose, I go ahead and put some on the eyelids and then make sure you get it on your neck and back your hands. 

 I always put on a little bit of chapstick just to get ready for the day. And I'm also going to add in some things I do for my eyes. 

A big part is also adding a concealer; just something to brighten our eyes. So this is the Touche Eclat. It's YSL- pronounced Yves Saint Laurent. If you go to the store, you might not know what they're saying. That's what happened to me.  I tried a lot over the years and I really liked this one. It's again, about the texture. So I just dab it on, do a little here and I'll spread that on my upper eyelid as well. I'm really not into makeup and I like everything to be minimal. I like to put makeup where you need it. So I think that we all look best when our eyes are bright and there's not one eye cream that's just going to do that. So this concealer serves as a primer. If you are going to put on eyeshadow (I usually don't) so I put this on and it brightens your eyes. 

And then I use a powder over it. It's the Laura Mercier secret brightening powder for under eyes. And I've literally had this for like three years. Keeps on going. So I just dab and also on my upper eyelid. I am usually in a hurry and pretty lazy, so I'll go ahead and use it on my nose and up here, in the T-zone and basically put on a little bit more powder, loose powder, put on some blush, put on some mascara. I have started adding a little bit of white eye shadow just here on the inner corner of the eyes to help brighten. So basically, that is it.  

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