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Skincare Application Technique

How to properly apply serums (Vitamin C), eye cream, and retinoid.

Shop with me- Vitamin C

Vitamin C “Go Shop With Me”  One brand I like a lot is La Roche Posay, particularly for sunscreens. And I saw they have this vitamin C serum. So we come over here and see that they have pure vitamin C with salycilic acid. This could be good for someone who's having breakouts. I also really like the price. $40 is great. So we get […]

AM Routine

I am on vacation at the beach, but just wanted to go over my morning skincare routine really quickly. So overview. I have a cleanser right now. I'm using the Obagi Nu derm and a toner. I'm basically using these because I don't really have any skin concerns and not breaking out currently. After we cleanse, tone, we want to use our Vitamin C […]

What to Know at the Drugstore Skincare Aisle

We're going to act like we are in the drug store. So Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and we are going down the house. So when you go to find an acne wash or acne product, that's over the counter they're only going to be a few ingredients in them: benzoyl, peroxide, salicylic acid. Sometimes you can find some glycolic acid and then even more […]

Shop with Me, Buy Online, Pick up in Stores

So this morning, I'm shopping some products that you've recommended. I wanted to show you one that I'm going to be trying. This is the origins brand. This is the refreshing eye cream to brighten and de-puff. So as far as the product ingredients, you can see that it has ginseng, caffeine. And so that's […]

Five-Step Night Routine

This is my bare bones nighttime routine. Make Up Remover with Ponds... going to get a little bit scary looking. So massage in, it's oily, but I have the Elta MD foaming cleanser {to use after}. I really like foaming cleansers outside of the shower, and I like ones that are just really lightweight. So foaming cleansers are going […]

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