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KylieSkin Vitamin C Serum

So there are always new skincare lines coming out, and I just wanted to just show you this vitamin C serum by Kylie Skin because it's $28. When you come down, if you've been following along, I said that you need to have ascorbic acid in the first three ingredients. What this has is a […]

Shop with Me:  Kiehl’s Vitamin C and SPF Review

I had a question about Kiehl's vitamin C serum. I've never used it so we get to go shopping together! So we see that they're advertising a 12 % percent vitamin C with hyaluronic acid, which we know will plump and hydrate. $68 price, so that's okay. But we need to see what we're getting. […]

The Ordinary

It turns out I'm not so good at stories, so I'm going to make a video to talk about The Ordinary products that I tried. So a quick overview, I tried to stick to the products that we need to use every day and then incorporate the ordinary products into that. So the first thing is going […]

Update Products I’ve Been Trying – Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid

Hey, I wanted to give you an update on some things I've been trying. So I'm all about taking the more expensive options and comparing it to the options over the counter to see if it is really worth the price. First off, let's start with this. So the Beauty Counter Counter Match. So this is […]

Physical Exfoliator

Hey, so first of all, I am trying out the Vasansti brighten up five in one mask that you leave on for five to 10 minutes. And I got the Vasanti brighten up skincare mini set because I love the brighten up exfoliator and this was $20 and I just wanted to try some of […]

Eye Creams

The time has come to finally talk about eye creams. I have 14 eye creams here that I've been trying over the past few months that I'm going to talk about. So this journey started about two years ago after I was a new mom, and I went to the Nordstrom beauty counter because I […]

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