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Top Vitamin C Serums! Happy Vitamin C Day!

Hey, so I'm here with Jack and we're going to go over some vitamin C serums. I have SkinCeuticals here and Obagi. These are considered the gold standard. they're medical grade, meaning there's research based off the before and afters. And then I have La Roche-Posay that also has salycilic acid in it. And then finally […]

Mineral Sunscreen

Welcome back to 'go shop with me;, my IGTV videos that I used to make a lot, but I'm back because I wanted to talk about sunscreen. So I've thrown a little bit of shade at Supergoop and it's not just towards them. It's that I just want to show you what you're looking for in […]

Sunscreen Pt. 2

This is part two of the Sunscreen SPF talk. I'm going to go a little bit deeper into the why of why we want mineral sunscreen, and why that's where we want to spend our money. So just to review mineral sunscreens are a titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. This is where I recommend that you […]


Hi, I'm Sydney Givens, and I would like to invite you to The inspiration for this website began by wanting to teach and organize skincare facts for you. There's a regimen page on the website that has what you should be using in the correct order for the morning, at night, weekly, monthly, and yearly for maintenance […]

Tinted SPF

Hi, I'm back and I'm here at the beach to talk about tinted SPFs. So what all of these have in common is they have SPF that's over 30. Most of them are 40 to 50. They are mineral sunscreens, meaning the main SPF ingredient is zinc oxide. And then some of them also have some titanium dioxide in […]

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