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Eye Creams

The time has come to finally talk about eye creams. I have 14 eye creams here that I've been trying over the past few months that I'm going to talk about. So this journey started about two years ago after I was a new mom, and I went to the Nordstrom beauty counter because I needed an under-eye concealer and the lady at the Trish McEvoy beauty counter said, you really just need to moisturize your under eyelids. So I bought this $100, Trish McEvoy, beauty booster eye serum, and I really hated it.

I'm going to start this video with the never buy agains. I spent about a hundred dollars on this and it's not that it's terrible. I think that it just comes down to texture. And so this is a serum, and { I believe} you really need a cream. 

The second thing I bought was the Obagi Elastiderm {roller ball} eye serum. This has a metal roller ball that you're supposed to roll in eight circles from the outside to the inside, under each eye. So this again is not an eye cream. It has caffeine in it and it has some good research and ingredients, but from a day to day basis, it didn't really make that big of a difference. 

So lastly, in the never buy again category I decided to spend $7 and buy The Ordinary caffeine solution with EGCG, which is a green tea derivative , because I really wanted to see if it's comes down to the ingredients or if it's all about the texture. And it answered the question that it's all about the texture. So I only spent $7, but again, I couldn't really tell that big of a difference with this. 

When we're talking about a lot of these products, they're two different distinctions and really with all skin care. We're talking about correcting fine lines and wrinkles that are already there or we're talking about prevention. So with these ingredients and eye creams, we're talking about prevention of fine lines and wrinkles, but we're also talking about how just to make your under eyes and upper eyelids look better on a daily basis. 

The first things that we're trying to rule out are:

did you get enough sleep?

Are you having allergies? Do you need to take it antihistamine?

And then there's just genetics.

There can be some medications that you're taking that can also cause some darker under eye circles.

Also if you've had a lot of sun damage that can cause darkening of the skin, but overall, it's just that you really need to moisturize your under eyelids. 

So next category we have the drug store options. These are going to increase in price point from here on out. So first of all, we have the e.l.f (illuminating eye cream) brand that you're going to find a Target. And this is an illuminating eye cream for $10. It's very moisturizing. It has a good texture. It's not super thick. I think it's a good $10 option. If you're younger, maybe for teenagers, early twenties don't have a lot of possible problems to correct.

Next we have these two Olay eye creams. As far as over the counter eye creams, I think Olay and Neutrogena have the best. I really liked the Olay best. I've tried Neutrogena in the past, but have thrown them away. They were more of a gel substance, like the Neutrogena Hydro Boost... and again, I think it's the thicker, creamier texture that's better. 

So this is the Olay Brightening Eye Cream. It's white tinted, which does help just brighten the eyelids just in the color. These both have nice ingredients which are going to help with anti-aging and also brightening of the skin. My favorite one over the counter is this Olay Ultimate eye cream mainly because of the texture and it also is a little bit thicker. So this is a $25 option that I think is really great, and I still reach for this. 

All right, next we're going to have the category that's going to be more of the Ultra/Sephora brands. So to start off this is a La Roche-Posay Pigementclar Eye Cream, and it is also brightening. It has caffeine in it, and it also has a metal roller ball. Well not really a roller ball, but a metal texture to it. And it does have a little bit of a peach tint. So I think it's a good option. This is about the $45 range. The Origin Ginseng Eye Cream to brighten and de-puff came highly recommended from several different sources. It again has a peachy undertone, and I really do like this one. It's not as thick as some of the other ones, but for about $35, I think it's a good option. Then we have the Kiehls. This is the creamy eye treatment, the creamy avocado eye cream. As far as the thickness and the texture, I really, really love this one, it's about $50. These are expensive, but they're going to last for at least six months because you just need a very little bit on the ring finger and then you're just going to dab it and put a few fingerprints and rub it in. 

So next I have the Belif Moisturizing Eye Cream. This doesn't have any caffeine in it. It just basically has very moisturizing ingredients, like some Shea butter. This actually irritated my eye lids, and I usually don't have sensitive skin. So for $48, it wasn't my favorite and I kind of stopped using it. So lastly in this category, this is the BeautyCounter counter time with bakuchiol, which is a retinoid alternative. So with time at about three to six months, you could see some improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. I really like it because of the texture. And this is $69. 

So just to review, in the over the counter drug store category, I really liked the Olay Ultimate eye cream, the best for $25. In this category I kind of have four favorites. I'm not going to say there's one that's best. I think it's just personal preference. So these are going to range from about 35 to $70 in this price point. 

So last category, we have a more medical grade, expensive product. First of all, we have the Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream. This is the eye cream versus the eye serum. The only big difference in ingredients is that this one doesn't have caffeine and this one does. And then we have the SkinCeuticals A.G.E Eye Complex. This one's going to be about $119 and this one's more of the $95 price range.

And then we also have, this is the Lancer eye contouring lifting cream. It's very, very moisturizing. I really like the texture. It has diamond powder in it which is going to help brighten the under eyelids. This is going to be $95. It's real claim to fame is that Dr. Lancer is J-Lo's dermatologist and obviously J-Lo has aged really well. It's not really clear if she's using Dr. Lancer's products or not, but I will be honest, that's why I decided to buy this eye cream after also reading about the ingredients. So I do think this is a good option for $95. I'm not going to say that I like it more than some of the ones that are the 35 to $70 price range though. 

So these {Obagi Elastiderm and SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex} are going to be considered the two best. They're going to be concerned medical grade and the reason you might want to buy these over the others is if you are trying to correct. So if you already have fine lines and wrinkles, these actually have research of patients that use them for 12 weeks with before and afters and you can see a very big difference in fine lines and wrinkles, especially here around the crow’s feet. 

So I'm going to be honest, the Obagi Elastiderm eye cream, I don't really see that big of a difference on a day to day basis. It's not as thick as some of the other ones. And for what I'm looking for around 30 years old, I'm looking just for moisturization basically to help wake up my under eyes and get the blood flowing. A lot of that's going to be done with just the moisturizing motion with the finger. But as far as ingredients go, I don't think I would necessarily buy this one again for $119. So I'm probably going to give this one to my mom who have already given the Elastiderm facial serum to, and this compliment it really well because when we're talking about the eyelids, this is very sensitive thin skin, even as you get onto the cheekbones, the skin is a lot thicker. So you actually do have to have different creams that are going to penetrate differently. 

So probably overall my favorite eye cream is the SkinCeuticals AGE Eye Complex. This is what I was using before I started this whole journey. It's $95, and the real question was do I need to be spending $95 or could I be spending less and seeing the same results? So with an eye cream, you really need to use it twice a day. And basically what I've decided is I'm going to use this one kind of here and there mostly at night. I do like some of these other ones a little bit more in the morning because they have more of the concealer. It's a very light concealer, but they have peachy undertones. This one actually is advertised as having some brightening complex in it as well. I think if you're just looking for one that's the best of the best, then I would recommend this one because for $95, you're getting a really good deal. And again, it's going to last for six months or more. 

So just to review because I'm all about finding the best product at different price points. For $25, you have the Olay ultimate eye cream that you can find at any drug store. For the $35 to $70 price range, I actually have four that I really like and I don't think you can go wrong. I think some of it just takes some research. Again, the Beautycounter bakuchiol, is going to have a retinoid alternative that over time, 3-6 months, you can see some really good results as far as fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and the under eyelids. But it also has a good texture for the day to day. As far as retinoids and under eye creams, I typically am not looking for that because it can be irritating. 

I like to take my retinoid product, which is right here. So my prescription Tretinoin, and when I dab it in four places, I like to rub it under my under eyelids as well. I don't typically have sensitive skin so it can tolerate it. I don't put it on my upper eyelids because that's one of the most areas with the most sensitive skin on the body. But I'm typically not looking for retinoids in eye creams. I'm looking more for texture and the thicker and more moisturizing, the better.

And then lastly, like I've already said, I really think the SkinCeuticals AGE complex for the price is going to be the best because it helps prevent, it has something in it that's called Proxylane that you're only going to find in the SkinCeuticals product, that's going to help prevent, but it's also going to help correct. So for $95, I truly think that that is the best medical grade option to spend your money on. So hope this has been helpful. I'm going to link all of the ingredients below in the post so that they are easily shoppable. 

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