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Five-Step Night Routine

This is my bare bones nighttime routine. Make Up Remover with Ponds... going to get a little bit scary looking. So massage in, it's oily, but I have the Elta MD foaming cleanser {to use after}. I really like foaming cleansers outside of the shower, and I like ones that are just really lightweight. So foaming cleansers are going to be better for oily skin, but you can switch these out. One of my favorite foaming cleansers over the counter is the Aveeno gentle foaming cleanser. I also like to use a wash cloth just to get the rest of the day off. I typically don't have a lot of makeup on. It's mainly just around my eyes. I just have on a tinted moisturizer and a little powder. But honestly by the end of the day it's pretty much gone. 

So usually at night I skip a toner and so my next step is going to be an under-eye cream. So I've been trying several out right now I'm trying out one by The Ordinary. So I'm going to show you this on one eye so you can see how the consistency is and how it looks, how it feels. I'm going to massage it in here and then I'm going to use another one that, this is my go-to for a long time and this is the SkinCeuticals AGE complex. This one's going to be a lot more expensive. It does last for a long time. A little bit goes a long way, but I'm trying different ones out because I'm basically trying to decide if the SkinCeuticals is worth it. 

I think you can tell like just with the consistency of this, when massaging it in, I think you can tell it actually looks a little bit better. So I'm still 'team cream' for eye moisturizers.

Then, at night you want to use some type of retinoid. I've gone over a video that has retinoids versus retinols. I very much think that the prescription retinoids are going to be best. So this is tretinoin 0.05%. I have oily skin and this is good for me. I can't use it every night. I will start to get a little bit dry. On nights where I'm dry, I put in other places... what I would do is just use it around my eyes and forehead and if I have any bumps at all. 

Rub it in a circular motion and then go in your neck, rubbing up. So you want to make sure you avoid your nasal crease with retinoids to avoid some of the peeling and possible flaking. Then next you have your moisturizer. So I use Neutrogena Hydro Boost. Moisturizers are something you can change kind of with the season, like when it's winter and when it's a little bit colder and dry outside, then you can get one that's a little thicker. This is also a place you can use hyaluronic acid. You can add hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine at night. 

Again, I just don't want to use my more expensive one, like the HA Intensifier that's a hundred dollars. I generally use that in the morning more around the eye area. I like a hyaluronic acid in a moisturizer and I love the hydrated piece because of the dimethicone that's in it.

That's my go to at night, and I'm done. There are several things you can add. You can add spot treatments. I do have a little pimple here, so I'm going to put a little benzyl peroxide on it. But other than that, I'm done. 

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