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Mineral Sunscreen

Welcome back to 'go shop with me;, my IGTV videos that I used to make a lot, but I'm back because I wanted to talk about sunscreen. So I've thrown a little bit of shade at Supergoop and it's not just towards them. It's that I just want to show you what you're looking for in a sunscreen, particularly a facial sunscreen. So the nice thing about Dermstore is that they let you shop by ingredients. So when we're looking for a sunscreen for our face, we want to have a mineral sunscreen. And what that means is that you have zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the only ingredients. 

The reason we want a mineral sunscreen is that these are going to be safest for our skin. These are actually physical sunscreens, so they are going to reflect the light versus absorbing them and causing a chemical reaction, which is where Avobenzone and Oxybenzone do {along with other chemical sunscreens}

I've narrowed down the Supergroup options to the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. I want to show you this one. This is the matte screen. And when we look at the label, we see it says a hundred percent mineral. So we expect to see only titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in there, which is perfect. Zinc oxide is the one that is typically white and pasty. This is a pretty high percentage. It's totally fine as long as the formulation is good. We come up here and we see the consistency. It looks great. I've actually had some people tell me they like this one too. 

So the next thing I'm going to do is look at the price and it's $38. So, I think this is reasonable for 1.5 fluid ounces. In medicine a lot of times we talk about the gold standard and what the gold standard is for mineral sunscreens or sunscreens in general are going to be Elta MD. I really like this physical one basically because the bottle doesn't get clogged like the UV Elements does, although I really like this one, probably better. I just don't like when the bottle is hard to pump.

So when we click on this one, we can see that we have an SPF over 30 which is really the first step. We're looking for a mineral sunscreen. And then we want to come down to the ingredients and we see this one has zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. I don't really get much into the percentages of these. What I'm looking for is that these are the only ingredients. And then we go and look at price. And so you see this is $33 for 3oz. So when you really compare what you're getting, Elta MD is still going to be a better option. But I do have this one {Supergoop! Matte susncreen} in my cart because sometimes we just have personal preferences based off consistency. 

So I want to also show you the Glowscreen because this is a newer product that they're advertising. So it doesn't say anything about being a mineral sunscreen. When we come down here, we see that it has Avobenzone, Octisalate and Octocrylene. These are all fine. My only issue with them is that they're not mineral sunscreens, which again, is okay, especially for your body, unless you live near coral or you're applying it to a child, then I think there's some things to take into consideration and I'll get more into that later. But you see that it costs $36. And so what I want to share you is that for Neutrogena you have prices that are around $13, $15. This just has zinc in it.

Sometimes what Supergoop is advertising is that it's good for sensitive skin. Well, anything that says baby on it is for sensitive skin. Neutrogena is a wonderful product, especially for people that have eczema or just really sensitive skin. So we go down here, we look at ingredients and it is a 21.6% zinc oxide. I've actually used this one and it's not super thick and greasy. This is what I put on Jack a lot. But I just want to show you that for the price of what you're getting with like the Glowscreen, if it's not a mineral sunscreen, meaning it doesn't have only titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, I would not purchase it for your face. 

For your body, it's kind of, you know, a different story. So for example, here's the Supergoop PLAY and I like that this one's a really large bottle, it's $58. When you go down here, again, it's not a mineral sunscreen, but this is for your body. So you're using it on a larger surface area {and typically not every day like on the face}. And I think that this is great. And just a reminder, the best sunscreen is going to be the sunscreen that you will wear. So all of these options you can go through and click on them and basically evaluate them yourself.

Whenever you're looking at any brand, you want to make sure that it's over SPF 30. This one is SPF 30. If it's for your face, then you want to check and see the ingredients. You want it to be a mineral sunscreen. This one is not a mineral sunscreen, it is a chemical sunscreen. And we go up here and look at the price and $42. I just don't think this is the best use of your money, especially when you have Elta MD options {that cost less}.

And also want to just mention La Roche-Posay because it's such a great option for sensitive skin, but also this one the Anthelios is SPF 50 and it is a darker texture. It's also a little bit more liquidy, but I recommend this for patients that do have darker skin tones. You're getting an SPF 50 and it's $33 and it's a mineral sunscreen, which I can show you here.

So it's not that I want to say exactly, which sunscreen you should always buy. Let's see, this is titanium dioxide, but I really want you to know the difference and what a mineral sunscreen is and that mineral sunscreens are what you want to use on your face always because you should be putting those on daily. We don't always have to put on sunscreen on our body daily, just depending on what our daily activities are and how we're dressed. But I do have the Supergoop Matte sunscreen in my cart, and I have a 15% off, so I'm really excited to try it. 

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