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Physical Exfoliator

Hey, so first of all, I am trying out the Vasansti brighten up five in one mask that you leave on for five to 10 minutes. And I got the Vasanti brighten up skincare mini set because I love the brighten up exfoliator and this was $20 and I just wanted to try some of their other products. So these have papaya and aloe in them. I've been using the brighten up exfoliator I think since PA school when I got an inner Birchbox sample. So I had a request to talk about exfoliators for your face. So there is actually, this is a big category because you have chemical exfoliators and then we have physical exfoliators. There are some that you can use every day and then there's some that you can just use like two to three times a week or even just once a week. 

So what I'm going to talk about now in depth is the type of exfoliator that you're going to use just a few times a week. So if your skin's more oily you're going to be able to use it more often. What I typically do is just do it on Sunday and it's more of a time thing. My skin is more on the oily side, so it probably could tolerate it at least twice a week. But I have three products I want to show you. So the first is this, Vasanti brighten up to, this is going to be a physical exfoliator because of the texture. It's very gritty. As far as the ingredients in it. It has papaya, which [inaudible 01:33] can kind of be an exfoliator in itself, but it is not considered a chemical exfoliator. The chemical exfoliators are going to be glycolic acid, lactic acid, which are the AHAs and then salicylic acid, which is a BHA. 

And then next I have the Obagi and it's the professional C microdermabrasion, polish and mask. So this is considered kind of a two in one because of the ingredients and also how it works on the skin. So it has 30% L-ascorbic acid in it, which you can watch the vitamin C highlight. It is going to help brighten the skin in itself, but it also has a gritty texture. So it's a physical exfoliator. And as far as price points, 34 ish dollars, this one's $83. 

And then we have this Neutrogena bright boost. So the bright boost line by Neutrogena has glycolic acid in it because glycolic acid is going to exfoliate the skin, which is going to help brighten it. It's pretty mild and so most skin types can benefit from it. So I think glycolic acid is important for everybody. There are so many different ways to get it on your skin, which you can actually see just with the bright boost line because they have cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliators, serums that all have glycolic acid in them. So this one $8, and I got it because it's a really good example of a chemical exfoliator, which is the glycolic acid, but also, it's a physical exfoliator. So it's going to be hard to see the texture, but I'll just show you a little bit. You can see when I rub this together, you can kind of see some of the particles, it's a little bit gritty. 

What you're going to notice with the more expensive exfoliators is they're going to have less water in them and they're going to feel a lot grittier. So this is the Vasanti brighten up exfoliator, kind of got a lot, but you can see it's hopefully you can see, but it is a good bit grittier. 

And then lastly with the Obagi vitamin C it's $83, mainly because of the 30% L-ascorbic acid, but it's very, very, thick. It's almost like a clay mask. And so when you rub it between your fingers, they're all mixed together. But this is probably the hardest one to get out and get on your face. You really have to add some water to it. So my overall favorite one for years has been this Vasanti Brighten Up and I think it's because of the price point. And then just also the texture. What I've discovered with a lot of products and ingredients is that texture is very important because the ingredients are going to work towards a certain goal. For example like hyaluronic acid helps moisturize the skin. So it's really great to have hyaluronic acid and moisturizers. It's fine if you have it in other types of products as well. But it's going to be best in a moisturizer. 

Same with the exfoliator. You know, there are some ingredients that really do help exfoliate these AHAs and these BHAs, these types of acids. But for a few times a week but what's really going to give you the bang for the buck is just that actual physical exfoliator that is getting the dead skin cells off. So I always tell patients to think about that sand that's near the water at the beach. That is the best example of a physical exfoliator. And so when I'm at the beach, I like to rub it on the back of my arms for keratosis polaris. And then it's also great for your face as well. 

So just lastly, I wanted to touch on a few other of the chemical exfoliators because there are actually some really good products over the counter. A lot of these are going to help with acne, but they're also going to help with anti-aging. So I wanted to show you, which I've talked about these before. This is the Neutrogena hydro boost exfoliating cleanser. So again, this is an example of a chemical exfoliator because it has lactic acid in it. I think it has glycolic acid as well. Let me see, yes so glycolic acid, but it's also gritty. It's just not going to be as thick, you can kind of see, it's more of a gel. It has these little particles in it, but they're not as concentrated as even what you're going to find with the bright boost. This is an example of a chemical exploiter because it has salicylic acid and also a physical exploiter because it has these little beads in it. And this is actually like, you can see here there's like one orange bead and there are several other smaller ones. 

So these are some of my favorite ones to have around. There's also a Neutrogena pore defining cleanser that I have somewhere around here and that one has, I can't remember if it's glycolic or lactic acid in it, but it's a great option as well. But these are going to be cleansers that you can use every single day. What I generally recommend is use these in the shower because they're going to be harder to get off your skin, but then when you're out of the shower. So whether you're showering in the morning or at night when you're washing your face at the scene could be their need to use a foaming cleanser if you have an oily skin or more of like a gel-based cleanser or even like a Milky cleanser if you have dry skin. So I have a lot of cleansers ready to talk about, but wanted to go over the exfoliators first. 

Lastly as I was saying, there's a lot of ways to get these products on your skin. But when we're talking about the type of exfoliators you can use every day, and as far as the chemical exfoliator ingredients, I just wanted to touch on this. There are so many different options for these types of pads. So this is the urban skin RX. They're the clarifying glycolic pads, but they actually have glycolic acid, lactic acid and salycilic acid in them. I forget the price. I think it's like 35 to $40, but basically what this is, it's like you took toner and just put it on a cotton pad, they've just already done it for you. So I'm still forming my opinion on these and there's honestly so many on the market, but there are some toning pads that there are more like peels that you're going to just use two to three times a week like you would with these exfoliators. 

I personally like for my exfoliator to be gritty, but if you get a high enough percentage of glycolic acid, salycilic acid, lactic acid, it's going to feel like it is exfoliating your skin in the same way. So this is could be equivalent to a chemical peel. My opinion is I like to leave the chemical peels to the aesthetician and spend my money on those. But basically just to say there are a lot of different ways to get these products on your skin and I'm just here to try to help guide you, so I've got to go wash off this mask. I hope that was helpful. Again, you want to use a gritty physical exfoliator at least once a week. Sunday is a great day to do it as you prepare for the week ahead. 

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