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Skincare Basics


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Skincare Basics


  • This starter pack creates lifelong healthy habits for teenagers and prevents and treats breakouts.
  • I do advise scheduling a dermatology appointment if you are experiencing moderate-severe or painful breakouts or if not gradually improved at the 8-week mark. Prescriptions, in addition to skincare, are often necessary for acne.
  • Please give these products 8 weeks to work then reassess. It is normal to experience a flare ("purge") that calms within the first few weeks.
  • Key Ingredients:
    • Salicylic Acid
    • glycolic acid
    • Niacinamide
    • Hyaluronic Acid
    • zinc oxide (SPF)

How to Use


1. MDSolarSciences Wash Away Cleanser

2. SBS Daily Toning Pad

3. Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen


1. MDSolarSciences Wash Away Cleanser

2.  as tolerated SBS Daily Toning Pads or adapalene 0.1%*

3. EltaMD PM Therapy

Commit to 6-8 weeks of this routine then reassess.

Other Recs Recommended

  • If you are actively experiencing breakouts I recommend using an over-the-counter retinoid, like Differin Gel, at night before applying moisturizer or mixed in with your moisturizer. Start slowly 2-3 nights weekly. Apply a pea-sized amount and be sure to avoid creases around the nose and eyes.
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