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Vasanti Brighten Up! Exfoliator - Full Size (120g)


Vasanti Brighten Up! Exfoliator - Full Size (120g)


♥ Removes dead skin

♥ Reveals a radiant complexion

♥ Gives you an at-home microdermabrasion facial

♥ 200,000+ positive customer reviews all over the web

♥ Enriched with papaya, professional microcrystals and aloe

♥ Fights dull skin, dark spots, scarring, wrinkles & more!

♥ See results after just one use!

Key Ingredients

Papaya enzymes break down dead skin cells for easy removal, helping smooth your skin's surface which uncovers a healthy glow.

Dermatologist-grade Microderm Crystals are the same as those used by dermatologists (no plastic beads), which gives you the exfoliation of a microdermabrasion treatment at home.

Aloe vera, coconut, and panthenol along with a mild cleansing gel, allow for a powerful yet gentle cleansing and soothing action.

It's powerful enough to penetrate deep into your pores, yet gentle enough for all skin types. It works whether you have normal, oily, dry or sensitive skin and helps with it all: fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, dark spots acne, dull skin, and large pores.

♥ 99% Natural ♥ No Plastic Beads ♥ Cruelty free ♥ Vegan friendly ♥ Paraben Free ♥ Sulfate Free ♥ Made in Canada

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