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Shop with Me:  Kiehl’s Vitamin C and SPF Review

I had a question about Kiehl's vitamin C serum.

I've never used it so we get to go shopping together! So we see that they're advertising a 12 % percent vitamin C with hyaluronic acid, which we know will plump and hydrate.

$68 price, so that's okay.

But we need to see what we're getting. So come over here and the first thing I noticed is that this bottle isn't a typical bottle that we see with the serum. We also see that it says concentrate here, and then we flip through and see the texture. It actually really doesn't look like a serum, it's more of a cream. So I've told you that serums are going to be the best way to get vitamin C on the skin as far as getting our skin to absorb it.

And then we go down for more information. 

I really want to try to find the ingredient list on the bottle, but it's not on here. So they're saying that this has a 10.5% L-ascorbic acid, which is the active ingredient that we want. And then they're getting their 12.5% from a 2% derivative of L-ascorbic acid. So this isn't really going to do that much on our skin. I mean it's better than nothing but to truly get the benefit, we need it in this form of L-ascorbic acid that our skin can actually absorb it {most effectively}.

So scroll down a little bit more. It talks more about L- ascorbic acid and then why they use the derivative. Basically this is where they're saying it's an anti-wrinkle skincare product, which is interesting because I don't really think of vitamin C as being that maybe, you know, in the long term it can, but I think of it as more of a prevention type thing. {because it promotes collagen prodcution}

So, you are truly getting a 10.5% vitamin C for $68. And so I would really just recommend getting the Obagi vitamin C 10%, it's $85. And I think if you spend just a little bit more, you're guaranteed to be using a product that again, is backed by science. I would just spend my money on the Obagi Vitamin C. 

I did want to show you one of the Kiehl's products I have tried and do really like. This is a daily SPF 50. So it's a sunscreen and it's very lightweight. So the bottle looks like and you can see that it's still pretty white and creamy, but as it goes on, it really is pretty much a thin layer. It's $61 and there are a lot of tinted moisturizers that I prefer that are more like the $40 range. But I think it's a nice option for $50. So I haven't tried many other Kiehl's products, but please keep sending your recommendations because this is really fun. 

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