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Shop with me- Vitamin C

Vitamin C “Go Shop With Me” 

One brand I like a lot is La Roche Posay, particularly for sunscreens. And I saw they have this vitamin C serum. So we come over here and see that they have pure vitamin C with salycilic acid. This could be good for someone who's having breakouts. I also really like the price. $40 is great. So we get on here to the ingredient list and water is the first ingredient, Ascorbic acid is the second ingredient. So I would say this is quality. See salicylic acid is further down. So this would be good for someone who is breaking out and has dry skin. 

Our next question is what percentage of the ascorbic acid, so go over here and we see that it's a 10%. Usually we are going to see 10% ,15%, or 20%. So I think overall this is a good option, especially for someone that has dry skin or more sensitive skin and wants to add vitamin C in the morning. 

Another brand that I've been reading about for probably almost a year is Tatcha. It's a Japanese line. I saw that they also have a vitamin C brightening serum. One of the reasons brightening is because it has this AHA in it, which is going to be glycolic acid or lactic acid, which we know brightens the skin and exfoliates the skin. So you come down to the ingredient list, water is the first ingredient. Second ingredient, meaning in the order of most concentrated, is this form {derivative} of ascorbic acid, but it's not ascorbic acid. So I think that for the price for $88 there are probably some better options and not to say that it's not a good option, it's just that there are only so many ingredients that they can put in these products. 

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