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Tinted SPF

Hi, I'm back and I'm here at the beach to talk about tinted SPFs. So what all of these have in common is they have SPF that's over 30. Most of them are 40 to 50. They are mineral sunscreens, meaning the main SPF ingredient is zinc oxide. And then some of them also have some titanium dioxide in them. There are also UVA and UVB, which means broad spectrum. Those are the two types of UV light that you see cause skin cancer, but also hyperpigmentation and some of them are cosmetic or anti-aging issues. 

Ideally, we would be able to not get in the sun at all, but this is impossible, even if you're not trying to get in the sun, just by driving around in the car or walking in and out of buildings to run errands, you're always, you're always getting sun. So some of these tinted SPFs can be a little bit more on the expensive side, but you're going to wear them every day and you're going to wear them in areas that see the sun every day. So think your face neck sometimes on your chest. And then I'll always rub the excess on the back of my hands. 

I started this journey because some of these products are more expensive and the question is always, is it worth the price? And for the most part, my favorite ones are around the 30 to $40 price range. And even though I like some of the more expensive ones, I don't think that they're necessarily that much better. I also wanted to try some out for different skin types. So like oily versus dry and also different shades of skin tones because I treat patients of all different ethnicities and we always think of skin cancer being in lighter skin tone, or in Caucasians, but the reality is that with more melanin, there are more issues we see cosmetically as far as having hyperpigmentation or melasma, and these can be really difficult to treat. 

So no one likes white pasty sunscreen, especially every day. It's not necessary that these are mineral sunscreens, but I've posted about this a lot that if you're spending the money I think that it's good to get a mineral sunscreen just meaning that it's a physical sunscreen and that it's blocking the sun versus a chemical sunscreen that protects you from the science, the UV rays via chemical reaction. So a quick overview, I'm going to start with my favorites to begin with. Starting with EltaMD tinted- I really liked the UV physical mainly because of the color and then the La Roche-Posay and this is a tinted mineral sunscreen.  This one's a little bit darker.  It's very, very light as in light weight. And so you can see when you put it on, it rubs in really well. So it's very, very thin, and you can always mix these in with your makeup if your skin is darker. The Elta MD is great for sensitive skin. It's basically just good for everybody. It's even good after you've had a chemical peel or if you've had a laser treatment. So these are pretty much my two go-tos. But there's obviously a huge skincare market, which is why I like to experiment within the realm of know what makes sense after I've narrowed it down from a medical perspective. 

 Elta MD does have some that are not tinted. They're not necessarily 100% mineral, but they're still really great. So that is the Elta MD. 

Now I'm going to kind of explain where I went from there.  

This is Avene. it's a French company and it is considered the standard of care and like post-laser treatment. Or if you have melasma, this is what I recommend. So it's a compact and it is pretty thick. I can show you a little bit how it rubs on, but it's oily.  You definitely have to put a powder on after and you, even though this looks really, really dark for my skin, once you rub it all in, I can actually make it work, but Avene is another one that is great for darker skin tones. It comes in two colors and this is actually the light version, and there is a darker version. This is what I like to wear if I know I'm going to be in the sun. Like, if I am at the beach, I'll go ahead and wear this, put powder on. And then of course wear a hat as well.

So just a few others because people ask, I tried the Revision Intellishade Matte, this one is $75 and it does have vitamin E and some other anti-aging ingredients.  But while I really, really like it, I cannot tell that big of a difference in some of these other products and the Elta MD.  

The it! CC cream, this one's going to be a lot thicker. This one has peptides, niacin, hyaluronic acid and you can see, it also says it's an anti-aging hydrating serum, and it it's about $40. So these are probably the most similar in their ingredients, but the Revision Intellishade is $75 versus $40. So I'll show you how, how thick this one is. It might be hard to tell on my hand, but this is more of, it's hard to tell this is more of a makeup. I would say, if you want it to truly be a thicker makeup, then this is what I recommend for that.  

SkinCeuticals is another one of my favorite brands. I really, really like these this one they're Physical Matte UV Defense is really great for oily skin. So here's an example of why I don't necessarily say it's my favorite. 

This one costs about $30 to $35. It's one ounce while the Elta MD cost the same, it's about $30 and you get three ounces. And so a lot of these, it just comes down to price because they are very similar. Some of the textures are better. I do think that the Matte is the SkinCeuticals UV Physical Matte is great, especially if you exercise or workout or sweating it has dimethicone higher up in the ingredient list to give it this really great texture. 

It rubs in and feels really, really, really soft. Something that has a similar texture is the Supergoop. And this is their Matte. So I tried Supergoop because I got a lot of questions about the Glowscreen and the Glowscreen is not a mineral sunscreen. It's still a good option, but again, when you're paying these prices, this is around the 30 to $40 price range. It needs to be mineral to make it worth their price. This one is very, very lightweight as well. I would say these have about the same texture and they're both Matte. So I'll link these below, but these are really good for more oily skin. But don't provide as much coverage.  

Then I tried this colorscience Sunforgettable Total Trotection Face Shield glow because of people asking about the glow screen, because a lot of people said they liked Supergoop Glowscreen because it, it gives like a little shimmer. 

They liked the way that it looked that their skin looks after. So this is a mineral sunscreen that is about the same point for the same amount of product. And it's SPF 50. And it's 100% mineral, and I really liked this one. It doesn't provide a lot of coverage. You can see it's a little bit lighter and I'll put this on my face. You can see, but it rubs in really nicely. And it doesn't feel, it doesn't feel too oily at all. I'm more on the oily side. So I pretty much always need powder on top of these. So that pretty much rounds it up.

I did want to just mention that Obagi tinted sun shield, this one is mineral sunscreen, but it's not a 100% mineral sunscreen and it costs $50. Which compared to some of these others, I like to stick in about the 30 to $40 price range, which is what both of these are. These just pretty much check all boxes and are my go to's. But I've plenty of information on how to read these labels and what you're looking for in a tinted SPF, and believe it or not; they're actually more that I tried but these are what I considered to be the best. 

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