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Update Products I’ve Been Trying – Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid

Hey, I wanted to give you an update on some things I've been trying. So I'm all about taking the more expensive options and comparing it to the options over the counter to see if it is really worth the price. First off, let's start with this. So the Beauty Counter Counter Match. So this is a recovery sleeping cream that has hyaluronic acid in it. It's basically moisturizer. What we would compare it to is the [inaudible] Neutrogena hydro boost. So what I love about this is you can see the top of it. You just press down and you get your moisturizer. And I really loved the presentation and honestly it makes your life a lot easier too. So you can see how it goes on the skin. It's very lightweight, it has a gel, like feel, just like the hydro based. So just so you can see the hydro boost looks like this. 

I would say that it's maybe not as thick as the Counter Match, but we're talking, I think this one is $56. And this one's like 16. So I usually use this hydro boost morning and night, whereas this Counter Matches or Recovery Sleeping cream, I really think you can use it morning or night as long as you use an SPF in the morning. Basically. I like them both the same, but one is a lot cheaper. 

So I also have been using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost City Shield. Basically it's just the hydro boost with an SPF 25 in it. And I really do like it. Like this morning for example, I actually forgot to put on my Tinted SPF, but because I had used this as my moisturizer, I did have on sunscreen. So it's a little bit different texture. It's the water gel base versus the gel cream, which I had posted about before. The gel cream is for extra dry skin and the water gel is just more for normal skin, regular, more oily skin or a combo. But I've always used the gel cream and I'm more on the oily side than the dry. So basically you can't really go wrong with the hydro boost. Another reason to love it. 

Also in the Neutrogena family, I tried their bright boost gel cream. So they have a whole bright boost line out. It's basically pink and it has glycolic acid in it. So I'm a huge fan of glycolic acid and I think that everybody actually needs some glycolic acid in their skincare routine at some point. So I'm also currently trying their toners, their cleansers, exfoliators, their weekly treatments, treatments you use two to three times a week, a lot of like toning pads. But I did grab this one. I will say that it does have a little bit more of a smell to it and it is sticky and that seems to be the broad truth online and from people I've talked to as well. So I don't like this more than the regular hydro boost personally. And I think there's better ways to get glycolic acid into your routine. So that is it on the moisturizing front. 

As far as vitamin CS go, I have been using the Glow Maker for a little while and I'd show you if you've been following along that as soon as I opened it up and felt the texture, it wasn't as thick as can see as my favorite, which is the Obagi vitamin C serum. So I think you can actually see like on my hand, that's it, maybe not. But anyway, as soon as you rub it in, you can just tell the Glow Maker, it feels watered down, it also doesn't really smell like anything, which is good for some people. But I think the Obagi viitamin C smells good. 

So two new ones that I'm trying, I talked about the La Roche-Posay vitamin C, this has salycilic acid in it as well, and it's only a 10% vitamin C. So just to review, when you do have oiler skin or acne prone skin with vitamin Cs, you're going to want to start at more of a 15%. If you have really oily skin, you go ahead and start at 20% and then you work your way up. 10% is going to be more for sensitive skin. I think it makes sense that this is 10% because it has the salycilic acid in it. I ultimately decided to buy this because I continue to break out on my chin, not cystic acne, but enough to need some salicylic acid. 

So I want to just show you the texture of this. It appears to be thicker. It's more of like a gel type serum. But I put it on and it didn't like tingle or seeing my face at all, probably because I'm used to using a 20% vitamin C and I usually use the salicylic acid cleanser in the shower. 

So this is my first time even opening the SkinCeuticals, this is their just basic L-ascorbic acid, 20%. So a lot of the SkinCeuticals, vitamin Cs that get attention are the ones that have Ferulic acid in them and some other ingredients. So this one's going to be a little bit cheaper. It's closer to the price of the Obagi vitamin C, whereas the other SkinCeuticals, vitamin Cs are going to cost more like one 60. So let me get this open. So I'm going to use this tomorrow morning. But as far as just seeing what the texture is, and the other thing is the smell. So it does have a little bit of the smell of the other SkinCeuticals vitamin C, which I'll be honest, I don't love. And the first time I smelled it actually thought it smelled really, really bad and didn't use it for years. So this is their serum 20 AOX, which would be in comparison directly with the Obagi vitamin C. 

Obagi doesn't have a product that's going to compare to what the Glow Makers is to the SkinCeuticals product the Glow Maker basically is the same as in theory, it's just that there is a patent on the SkinCeuticals version. And so we don't exactly know what's in it. And then lastly on this front this is the overnight resurfacing pill by Beauty Counter and it has glycolic acid in it as well. So a lot of people will use this mixed with some of the counter time. So you have Counter Plus and Counter Time. So this is the Bucci Oil that can be very similar to a retinoid product. And then you get some of the glycolic acid in this and together I will say it does feel like it kind of tightens your skin like the retinoid does. 

That's an update and the last thing I wanted to say is that I looked into Beauty Counters, never ingredient list because when you're comparing beauty counter to Neutrogena, I had several questions that will Beauty Counter is con considered clean beauty. So is Neutrogena not and the Neutrogena hydro boost does not have any ingredients in it that are on the never list. And actually most of Neutrogena's products don't. So I'll be honest, I'm still learning a lot about clean beauty and what makes it clean beauty and why and is it worth it? And I mean, my gut is to say that yes, it is worth it. I'll be honest, there are some things on the never list that we prescribe, one of them being hydroquinone. And I will say that in the short term, it is the most effective product that we have. And so I'm just going to keep trying products and continue to let my opinion evolve by treating patients and trying it on myself as well. 

So there's an update on moisturizers with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C serums, and then alternatives to retinoids and adding glycolic acid into your skincare regimen. 

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