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Hi, I'm Sydney Givens, and I would like to invite you to The inspiration for this website began by wanting to teach and organize skincare facts for you. There's a regimen page on the website that has what you should be using in the correct order for the morning, at night, weekly, monthly, and yearly for maintenance treatments. 

With your support the vision actually grew a lot bigger and the website also includes consulting options. There's a free vitamin C quiz. And then there is a $40 Custom Consult option where you take a skincare quiz and it generates a package based off of your skincare types. This is a good place to start for a medical grade skincare routine.

Then there's also a third option. That is a One-on-One consultation, much like what we do in the office if you were to go through insurance. When you come in, schedule, and have an appointment, we talk about prescriptions. I really try to talk about skincare, but a lot of times there's not enough time. So we bring you back in six to eight weeks to see how everything's giving. And so this package is $125. It is just based off of skincare at this time. So no prescriptions {unless you live in AL, where I'm licensed}, but you will have a one on one consultation after taking a quiz. And then we will follow up in six to eight weeks to make any tweaks or adjustments as needed. {The follow-up includes discussing long-term plan for aging gracefully!}

There's also a shop page on the website and the inspiration for this came from people that were trying to find better deals on different websites that I just wasn't sure they're getting quality products. So right now it's only linked to Amazon. I think as the website launches that will open some other doors so that I can offer products from other websites. I always recommend that you purchase from local spas, especially the brands like Obagi and SkinCeuticals among some others, but always support local. And for some of the drugstore products or brands that you can't get through Amazon I've, pre-screened from the sellers to make sure that you're getting a quality product and also make it easier for you to get the product that I talk about because sometimes there are so many variations, it can be a little bit confusing. It's easier to click. 

{UPDATE: Obagi is now available for 10% with consults...and more are in the works.. like SkinCeuticals, Epionce}

I truly made the website with you in mind so that the skincare world and business can be a lot less daunting. I always tell people, there are only so many ingredients that legally can be in these products for acne and anti-aging and available over-the- counter, and then there's a whole world of marketing. That's why it's so overwhelming. So my goal is to make it a lot more clear for you, what you need, and for you to also feel the most comfortable in your skin. 

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